Espresso     £1.50 

Double espresso     £1.95

Latte    £2.20

Cappuccino    £2.20

Mocha     £2.40

Americano    £2.10

Syrups (caramel, vanilla, gingerbread, toffee nut)  40p

English Breakfast Tea  £1.60

Hot chocolate    £2.20

Luxury hot chocolate  (with cream and marshmallows)   £2.50

Selection of herbal teas    £1.60

Milkshakes (chocolate or strawberry made with ice cream) £1.95 

Coke / Diet Coke / Lemonade / Dr Pepper  £1.20

Water   £1.10 

Simply Fruity    £1.10

(blackcurrant, strawberry, orange or apple)

Juice carton    70p

(orange or apple)

Toast with butter   70p 

- with butter and jam   80p 

Toasted Teacake with butter  £2.10

- with butter and jam   £2.30 

Croissant   £2.10

Baguettes & Paninis  

(served with side salad and kettle chips)  

Tuna Mayo baguette or panini  £4.45 

Egg Salad baguette   £4.55 

Chicken Salad baguette  £4.65 

Mozzarella, tomato & pesto panini  £4.75 

Ham & cheese panini £4.45 

- with caramalised onion £4.65  

Salads (served with French bread)   

Tuna, Ham, Chicken, Egg  £4.60  

Jacket Potatoes – available between 12pm-2pm  

Served with side salad. Choice of one filling: 

Cheese, Beans, Coleslaw or Tune Mayo £4.25

Half jacket potato with 1 filling £2.75

Additional filling   50p 

Children’s Lunchbox  £3.75

Ham, cheese or jam sandwich, cheese stick, Pom Bear crisps, box of raisins, kit kat, orange or apple juice carton

(any one of the above items can be exchanged for a piece of fruit)


Beans on Toast £2.25  

Cakes All cakes  £2.10 

Please see today’s selection at the counter 

 * food allergies and intolerances; please speak to our staff about

the ingredients in your meal.

Due to food hygiene and allergen regulations, only food and drink

purchased on these premises may be consumed here. Thank you.